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Testimonials for Postnatal Massage & Postnatal Doula Services



As a first time mother-to-be, I interviewed a lot of postpartum doulas. Joanna stood out because of her vast skill set and unique approach--she had a relaxed style that relied on family tradition, natural healing and focused mother care for the postpartum period. We had a colicky baby and despite all the challenges, my whole family was lovingly supported. She provided lactation support; she supported mama with amazing natural healing remedies and in-home massage after delivery; she taught us infant massage; made sure we were eating healthy, hot meals; ensured our home was clean and laundry was done despite mountains of spit up; she ran errands; she ran interference with my in-laws; helped us coordinate meal trains; she helped calm the baby and encouraged his development. When it came time for us to transition from a PPD to a nanny, she did research, posted an advert and interviewed candidates in advance of our interview. She was INCREDIBLE and I cried when we said goodbye for now. Hiring Joanna was the BEST thing we did for our fledgling family. The beautiful, strong start she gave us became the foundation for a wonderful first year.








I started seeing Joanna for prenatal massages and ended up also seeing her for postnatal abdominal therapy after my second pregnancy. I cant believe how much it has helped get everything back into place !  My tummy looks and feels tighter & firmer than it did after my first pregnancy! The diastatis recti I had with my first pregnancy is now healed. The abdominal therapy along with the belly binding, and all the reccomendations given should be the standard in every women's postnatal care plan. Thank you Joanna for bringing back these ancient practices of postnatal and women's self care!

-Jasmine N.


       I was curious about a post-natal abdominal massage - I've never heard of this before and after my 3rd baby, my abdominal area was in need of some TLC.  Joanna was caring, calming, and walked me through the process of everything she was doing.  Her work on my muscles literally brought tears of joy and relief to my eyes.  She helped me both physically and emotionally recharge and ready to go back into battle of raising 3 little ladies.  I didn't leave without booking my next appointment and I see many more visits to come!

--Rachel A




I had Joanna as my postnatal Doula. She came to the rescue of my family and I. She helped me with the breastfeeding issues I was having, showed me ways to comfort my newborn, including the infant massage. She also helped me care for my body which needed so much TLC after such a long labor! She gave me a sitz bath & vaginal steam bath, and postnatal abdominal therpy. She even made us some delicious homemade meals that were specific to postnatal needs. My family and i are greatful to have had her through this transition period.

--Becky H



             I bought the Groupon and was super excited to get the post-natal abdominal therapy for 60 minutes. Once I scheduled online I immediately received a phone call within 20 minutes confirming my appointment time (which was made 2 hours prior on short notice). Joanna (the younger) was very accommodating for me and my crying 3 month old son (allowing for me to cradle him in a side lying position while she massaged my back and lower legs, as well as providing a lock for the stroller outside). He and I both relaxed to the sounds of the calming music and I most especially enjoyed Joanna's firm healing touch on my tired muscles! She has powerful hands, which I appreciate because I love deep tissue massage. Specializing in abdominal therapy massage, she focused for about 20 minutes in massaging the area and even identified that I have diastasis recti (separated abdominal muscles) from this pregnancy. The purpose for this therapy is that it "breaks up old debris from intestines,  releases impacted fecal matter, flushes liver, increases healing circulation to internal organs" (as taken from their website).
I will definitely return for this massage again and if any of you have the opportunity to purchase the Groupon now you should! Joanna works wonders with her hands and is super friendly and accommodating.

-Isabel T



      I went in to see Joanna for a postnatal massage and it was great! I was having issues with back and stomach pains 6 months after giving birth and when I explained my problems to her she knew exactly what I was talking about. We discussed which areas to focus on and she did exactly that. The pressure for the massage was perfect and she also used hot stones which was amazing! I am definitely planning to go back to see her again.




          I met with Joanna for my 6 week postpartum massage. We started off with a vaginal steam bath to help my uterus get rid of the very last afterbirth. It was refreshing to take care of my lady bits is such a gentle manner after my sons birth. The postpartum massage was incredible! I couldn't find childcare so my baby breastfed and slept next to met while Joanna worked her magic . She included reflexology along with traditional womb massage. The first time I received womb massage was with a traditional sobadora when I was only 14 years old, she corrected my prolapsed  uterus and my painful menstrual cramps. Joanna taught me how to massage myself and how to help my abdominal muscle come back together after carrying my 9lbs baby. Wait theres more ... she also adjusted my tail bone and helped with the closing of my hips.

Joanna is a wise traditional young woman in a modern world , a true gem! It's rare to find this type of traditional care without having to travel out of the country. Thank you Joanna for taking it upon yourself to rescue this lost art of womanly care.

- Tema Q



I had a postnatal massage with Joanna. Let me tell you, it was awesome! The table was heated which felt awesome. I had never experienced hot stones during a massage. I felt like it really helped loosen my tight muscles. Overall, amazing experience. I will definitely be back!

-Deneila H. 



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