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Welcome to Rebirth 

Who We Are

Rebirth is a wellness center that specializes in massage therapy for fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum.

Everyone is welcome! 

Why Massage? 

We believe that massage therapy is not a luxury, but a necessity for emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing.

Massage has been used for centuries to increase fertility, speed labor, help with healing postpartum. 


What Makes us different


On top of the certification they receive in massage school, our therapists are specifically trained in fertility, prenatal and postpartum massage with extensive hours of training. Skill, positioning, anatomy, pregnancy and women’s health specific information, and hands on practice with actual pregnant and postpartum people included.


 We are certified massage therapists with knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Bodywork is our second language.

The training our therapists receive is not only extensive, but the information they are taught is based on evidence that comes from the most recent research from acclaimed accreditation bodies and organizations.  


Rebirth was established in 2011. 

We have worked on thousands of people over the years of all shapes, sizes and walks of life. 

We work with fertility clients going through IVF and IUI. The majority of our clients are pregnant, so our therapists are completely comfortable providing bodywork to pregnant women from 4 to 42 weeks along!


We receive referrals from doctors, midwives, acupuncturists, naturopaths, physical therapists, and chiropractors. We have been practicing for over a decade in San Diego and have worked closely with health care professionals along the way. They trust us to give quality care.

Our Team 

Abdominal massage san Diego

Assistant Manager, LMT

Liz is our Assistant Manager and Lead Therapist. She specializes in  fertility massage, prenatal massage, and placenta encapsulation. She pours her passion into everything she does.  


Massage Therapist

Carla has 6 years experience as a certified massage therapist with the majority of her training deep tissue and abdominal massage. She has a firm and soothing touch and pays attention to detail. 


Massage Therapist

Marisa is certified in Maya abdominal therapy (ATMAT). She has 8 years experience in womb massage. She is also a yogi and likes to incorporate energy healing into her sessions. 


Massage Therapist


Marie is a massage therapist with 8 years experience. She is specializes in Maya Abdominal Therapy (ATMAT Certified), and fertility massage. She has an intuitive touch and motherly presence.


Massage Therapist


Karrina has over 15 years experience as a massage therapist. She is caring, skilled in deep tissue, and prenatal bodywork. Massage is a life passion of hers, she pours her heart into each session.




PreantalMassage therapist.jpg


Massage Therapist

Celine's has a passion for helping people. She loves Deep Tissue, which is her first specialty. She loves integrating it into all of her massages. She has deep pressure and attention to detail. She also specializes in prenatal and postpartum massage.



Massage Therapist 

 Rebecca has a sweet energy! She specializes in deep tissue and prenatal massage. She has a flowing but firm style. She loves helping people become pain free. 



Massage Therpapist

Clarissa has been a certified massage therapist for 3 years. She specializes in relaxation, and deep tissue. Her style is flowing but deep. She loves to help clients relax and become pain free.



Massage Therapist

Jaimie is a certified massage therapist and student acupuncturist. She specializes in deep tissue and prenatal. She has a technical and deep touch. She has a passion for health and helping people feel their best.



Massage Therapist

June has been a certified massage therapist for over 9 years. Before specializing in prenatal massage, she mainly practiced abdominal massage, Thai massage, circulatory massage and deep tissue. She has a firm touch.



Massage Therapist

Whitney is has been a certified massage therapist for over 5 years. She has a calming presence and a rhythmic style. She is certified in prenatal massage. She is a student occupational therapist and yoga instructor.

abdominal massage therapist san diego.jpg


Massage Therapist

Eri has 15 years' experience as a certified massage therapist. She is also certified in prenatal massage, and specializes in deep tissue and abdominal massage. Her style is a great combination of deep tissue and Swedish strokes that will leave you pain free and relaxed.



Massage Therapist

Katie has been a certified massage therapist for over 3 years. Her style is flowing a relaxing.
Her passion for massage was inspired from working as a birth worker for over 12 years. She is a skilled massage therapist certified in prenatal massage.



Owner/ Massage Therapist

Joanna is the owner and founder of Rebirth. She has been a certified massage therapist for over 15 years, herbalist and doula. She is only offering abdominal massage at the moment.


A note from the founder....


  Hello, I'm Joanna Yañez, the founder of Rebirth. I am a certified massage therapist of over 13 years, an herbalist, and doula. I am an abdominal therapist certified in the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy™Chi Nei Tsang, and Hara Abdominal Therapy. I also hold three different prenatal massage therapy certifications and extensive training in pre-conception- postpartum support. 

I have cultivated an interest in the healing arts since my youth, beginning with my Great Aunt who is a traditional healer. Inspired by my Mexican indigenous roots, I set out on a journey to rediscover all the incredible natural medicine and healing practices in Mexico, in particular, la sobada de matriz, (womb massage). This love and passion has taken me deep into Central America where I studied with traditional healers, and Sobadores (traditional body workers). I combine my knowledge of ancient techniques with modern medicine, anatomy and physiology to provide excellent and attentive care that comes from the heart. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We hope you have a great experience. 

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