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Massage for Pregnant Women  


We use all organic unscented coco & shea butter. 


Pregnancy Massage

Our certified prenatal massage therapist will provide a
relaxing massage using light to firm pressure,

focusing on areas of discomfort.



  • Relieves leg cramps 

  • Helps alleviate pain

  • Relieves sciatic and back pain 

  • Promotes Relaxation

  • Calms nerves reducing anxiety

  • Promotes restful sleep

  • Reduces swelling

  • Lowers cortisol levels (stress hormone)

  • Elevates mood and encourages loving maternal care



 50 minutes    $125

 80 minutes    $160


Lymphatic Pregnancy Massage  

If you are suffering from swollen feet, water retention, leg cramps, or carpal tunnel, MLD can help. This body treatment encourages the flow and release of excess lymphatic fluid within the tissues just beneath the skin. Lymphatic massage promotes better oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange improving nutrient flow to you and your baby. This massage therapy is VERY light. 
This therapy also greatly speeds recovery post cesarean birth. 

What to expect:


  • If you are feeling fatigued

  • Swollen ankles, inflamed legs, or any types of edema in pregnancy

  • To help reduce puffy eyes

  • Increase energy levels

  • Carpal tunnel during pregnancy

  • Aid stress relief

  • After a cesarean delivery to help speed up recovery and aid the healing process

  • Help normalize milk flow

  • If you experience painful period due to a sluggish lymphatic system

  • Reduce inflammation, particularly inflammation that can occur during breast cancer treatment


80 minutes $160



Blissful Mama Spa Package ​

This 80-minute session allows enough time for a full body customized prenatal massage.
It includes aroma therapy, warm stones, hot towel treatment & peppermint mineral cream treatment to help reduce leg cramps.

The aroma therapy has an array of benefits depending on the essential oil of the plant. We have a variety of oils to choose from that are 100% safe for pregnant people. Aroma therapy can enhance your massage by:

  • reduce stress

  • clear sinuses

  • help reduce headaches

  • reduce nausea


The warm stones in this massage package help relax the muscles, allowing for a deeper massage. The warmth expands and relaxes the muscles 




80 minutes $190





Labor Prep  Massage 



This massage intends to encourage labor. Must be at least 38 weeks. This treatment combines both massage and acupressure stimulation for those who are trying to avoid medical inductions and want to gently stimulate labor onset. 

*Please note that nothing can guarantee labor starting, not even medical induction. If your body and baby are ready, labor may occur 24-72 hours after this treatment. More than one treatment may be needed.




30 minutes $65

50 minutes $130 




















Postnatal Massage

 Massage tailored to a new mama's needs, focused on relaxation while re aligning body to pre pregnancy posture. Speeds recovery,   promotes restful sleep, and increases oxytocin (love hormone).  Great for preventing or easing the baby blues. 

What to expect:

 Massage using  a combination of relaxation strokes and deep tissue techniques, focused on realigning muscle, relieving discomforts, and calming the mind. 


  • Increases healing circulation

  • Speeds recovery

  • Relaxes mind and body

  • Promotes restful sleep

  • Tones skin and muscle

  • Helps body adjust to pre pregnancy posture

  • Increases Oxytocin (love hormone)



55 minutes     $125

80 minutes     $160





Postnatal Abdominal Therapy

Full body massage focused on warming & centering the womb. Sobada de matriz. Improves digestion, speeds recovery, decreases diastis recti, encourages abdominal muscles to reconnect, promotes deep relaxation. Includes warm stone treatment.


Note for postnatal abdominal therapy: Book your first appointment  at least 6 weeks after vaginal delivery and 3 months after a cesarean delivery. Do not book during menstruation or if you think you may be pregnant.

• Emotional well being
• Encourages internal organs to their proper position
• Lifts and centers the uterus and bladder
• Reduces Scar Tissue
• Decreases diastasis recti (separation of left and right side of abdominal muscles)

, Relieves incontinence (involuntary urination) and sexual dysfunction

55 minutes     $125            



Cesarean Birth Massage (MLD)

What to expect

This lymphatic massage is a very light massage technique that greatly speeds recovery post-belly birth. It helps reduce swelling and inflammation while promoting healing and lactation.

It is a very rhythmic and relaxing treatment that also helps relieve stress and insomnia.

You can book as soon as a few days post-belly birth (our facility is wheel chair accessible). This treatment is most beneficial within the first few weeks after a cesarean birth, but still beneficial a few months after as well. 



  • Greatly speeds recovery and aids in the healing process post belly birth

  • Reduces swelling 

  • Helps encourage milk flow

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Decongests fluids in tissue 



80 min $16





Add Ons for Pregnancy  Massage 

Aroma Therapy   $5

Warm stone treatment $12


Magnesium Peppermint Leg Treatment for Cramps $10 

I found this place while looking for pregnancy massage for my wife. I have also enjoyed a fabulous hot stone massage from Joanna. We ended up having Joanna as our doula to help with the natural birth we wanted. Joanna was attentive, informative, brought a calm energy, and muscles to help with the massage that really helped relieve my wife's pain through labor. We  are both very glad we chose her as our doula.  We also had her for placenta encapsulation and postnatal doula services. We highly recommend her, she is great at what she does.
Thanks again Joanna!

-Joshua J.


I have gone to Xochitl twice now and wish I found her earlier in my pregnancy. She has a magic touch, is very nurturing and listens to what you say but also to your body. I'm currently 39 weeks pregnant and although I'm so ready to give birth, if the baby decides to hang out a little bit longer I'll be ok with that because it will allow me one more massage with Xochitl. 

-Jennifer F.


Sanja is a wonderful soul! She is professional, dedicated, supportive and always focused on how she can be of help. She is always prepared with creative ways how to answer any of my questions.  Sanja offered her healing touch through a massage several times, and she has been offering herbal recommendations to me regularly.    


She cares about people, she is gentle, loving and kind, and dedicated to her client's goals and achievements. She also educates her clients and offer professionalism as well as a high level of knowledge and understanding of the matter.  


Thank you Sanja from the bottom of my heart! You are a wonderful and inspiring soul and I would highly recommend you and your services to anyone.  

-Marina K. 


I just recently had prenatal massage. The words cannot describe how amazing that felt. The pressure was perfect and my therapist Joanna was very gentle. I immediately felt relax and happy. She used hot stones to massage my body. I'm very exited to come back next week and would recommend all my pregnant friends to try it. I'll definitely try their postnatal massage as well after my baby will be born

--Angela M



I had a prenatal massage at 39 weeks and it was just what I needed before labor.  Joanna used just the firmness I preferred and made sure that I was comfortable at all times.  I have already recommended are Rebirth to my pregnant friends and will be returning for a postnatal massage in a couple of weeks!

-Hilary S.


I went in to see Joanna for a postnatal massage and it was great! I was having issues with back and stomach pains 6 months after giving birth and when I explained my problems to her she knew exactly what I was talking about. We discussed which areas to focus on and she did exactly that. The pressure for the massage was perfect and she also used hot stones which was amazing! I am definitely planning to go back to see her again

- C.G




I first went to see Joanna last Monday for a pre-natal massage and it was AMAZING!!!! I came all the way from North County and definitely want to go back! I am 8 1/2 months pregnant and LOVED the massage! Really made a difference in my posture and definitely helped relax me. I am going to be going back to her asap! She made me feel very comfortable and was able to answer several questions I had about the services she offers that I would like to use in the future. She is truely AMAZING!!!!

-- Veronica G



Joanna was amazing! The ease from booking an appt, accommodating my busy schedule and the massage itself was fantastic. The location is very central with reserved parking spots which is key. The business itself is very warm and welcoming as was the staff. I was promptly greeted and provided with 60 minutes of a very relaxing and personalized massage. It was a wonderful prenatal massage experience which involved some nice pressure on spots that were long overdue to be worked on. The addition of the hot stones was so nice as I have never experienced this before. I will definitely be booking with Joanna monthly up until I deliver and hopefully there after if I can find the time with two kids :) I would definitely recommend to anyone especially expecting mothers. Overall, awesome experience!

--Dana G.


I'm not sure how else to say it, but she really knows what she's doing.  I was completely comfortable, the pressure was amazing, she got all the right spots and by the time I was done I felt completely refreshed and tension free. I was so pleased I booked my next appointment with her right on the spot, and I will recommend her to all my friends.  :)

--Stephanie P


Finally found an amazing prenatal masseuse in SD! Already had two sessions with Joanna and both were exactly what I needed to release all the toxins and pressure that my body is going through during my pregnancy. I've decided to do a weekly massage with her and it's seriously something I look forward to every week! Highly recommended!

-- Justine A



So happy to find this place via Groupon! I have seen both Joannas for prenatal massage and what a huge help it's been! They are both super nice and very professional, and the atmosphere is really warm and comfortable. I would absolutely recommend this to any lady experiencing the joys of pregnancy as a way to relieve some of those pregnancy aches and pains. I can't wait to go back and check out their post natal work!
I've also checked out the yoga studio and absolutely loved it! It's hard to find prenatal yoga that is still challenging for a regular yogi who's still looking to practice through pregnancy, but their studio was the perfect combo of challenging and accommodating for the belly! And they offer childcare...a huge plus post pregnancy!

--Lisa P



I went in for a prenatal massage a couple of months ago and it was great.  My husband bought me two different groupons for prenatal massages and I saw Joanna first and loved the experience.  She knew the perfect amount of pressure and it was very relaxing.  I went to a different place for the other massage and it was horrible and uncomfortable.  I can't wait to be able to go back and see Joanna again before the end of this pregnancy since she truly knows what she is doing.

--Marsi Q




I booked Joanna for a prenatal massage and I loved it. I was experiencing headaches and lower back pain from the pregnancy symptoms and she worked her magic to relieve my tension. She also uses hot stones which I really enjoyed, I highly recommend Joanna.-

- Cecila B





As a prenatal yoga teacher, I know the importance of healing care before, during and after pregnancy to support a woman's changing needs during this special time. Early on in my pregnancy, I met Joanna at an event with her mother and knew even before being touched that this pair was a special team. I have been receiving regular bodywork from her ever since. Her healing hands have nurtured my body during my pregnancy. I have also enjoyed our conversations between sessions on health and wellness care for fertility, pregnancy and postpartum. She has a wealth of knowledge to share. I only wish I had known her earlier to receive treatments for fertility support, as I know how helpful Mayan abdominal massage can be. I actually performed (self-taught) abdominal self-massage for fertility because I could not find a local practitioner for this special therapy. And while I am sure the self-massage was helpful, I am certain that receiving the treatments from her or her mother and learning self-massage techniques directly from them would have been a lot more effective. I feel so lucky to have met Joanna and feel relieved that I will have her support for the remainder of my pregnancy and for healing sessions devoted to postpartum care

- Sarah T






I honestly don't even know where to start! I met Joanna through a yoga studio in North park because she did prenatal massages in the studio. I was about 3 months pregnant when I started getting massages with her once a week. And off the bat, her and I clicked so well! She's truly so amazing and so passionate at everything she does! She made my pregnancy a breeze! I could do it over and over again! I call her my pregnancy and birth angel! I knew that I wanted a doula as I was preparing for a natural birth, so when I found out that it is one of the services she offered, I already knew she was it and I didn't even have to look around and interview anyone else. Throughout pregnancy she gave so many pointers and advice and I see the difference it has made with my daughter. On the day I was giving birth, she was at the hospital within minutes, she was there the whole entire 37 hours and maybe took a 4 hour nap within the whole time. I cant even go into detail about all the things she's done during my birth.. I guess it's more like what didn't she do for us?! Lol but after I gave birth, she took my placenta and sterilized it, and encapsulated it at her home, came back a few hours later with my own placenta shake. People might find that gross but it was actually really yummy, tasted like mixed fruit smoothie, you can't even taste the placenta. I took my placenta for about 3 months. Never had postpartum depression and it helped me feel energized! Even though I ended up with a c-section, I was up doing chores within 5 days after birth! I didn't feel tired or lazy as long as I was taking my pills! My mom and sisters even had to force me to stop doing everything I was doing. My placenta pills helped reduce post-natal bleeding and also helped with my milk production but since my daughter couldn't latch as she was 3.5 weeks early it got very hard and after 2.5 months, I dried up. A couple of weeks after my birth, Joanna massaged me focusing on my stomach to reduce the bloating and to start moving everything to get back to my pre pregnancy state. She also used cupping during the massage to help promote healing. I had the herbal steam bath done, which was amazing! Afterwards I felt so brand new down there and so clean.. I did bleed heavily after but I felt it took out all the gunk that was there for the last 9 months lol (sorry..tmi)! She's given my daughter infant massages and she taught me how to do them as well, which I do on my daughter everyday for bonding.  I can't even tell you what a good and calm baby I have and I honestly believe it's because of how easy and relaxing my whole pregnancy was! Every service I've received through Joanna, she's blown me away by her work and passion every time! I love her so much and honestly wouldn't give birth without her, and that is coming from my partner as well! Even if we had to fly her out somewhere as long as she's there lol! Absolutely amazing and I'm so blessed to have found her!

Justine A. 




Amazing prenatal massage! Everything was very professional, peaceful and all around a very enjoyable experience. My body and my baby have never felt so good. My questions and concerns were answered prior to the massage. I would highly recommend!!

Lauren P




I had a pregnancy massage here over the weekend and oh my gosh was it amazing! It was incredibly relaxing and felt amazing! I felt such relief after the massage. I definitely want to go back at least a time or 2 before I deliver. I am 8 months pregnant now, so beginning to get more and more uncomfortable and need the extra relief! :) Joanna was great!

Sarah L. 


I usually like very firm massages so I didn't know what to expect from a prenatal massage.  Joanna did such a great job!  While the massage was not very firm (she said she would go as firm as she could for a prenatal massage), I was so relaxed and felt so relieved afterwards!  I realized I didn't need a firm massage to relieve my tension.  She was able to relieve a lot of the tension and pain in my back.  I will definitely go back!

Kritsi G


I have only wonderful things to say about Joanna and the massage I received. I am 39 weeks pregnant and did the 90 minute labor prep massage.  It was heavenly. Joanna is like a tiny ninja.  She's constantly interchanging between hand massage and hot stones and all so seamlessly.  Joanna was personable, explained the techniques she was using and made sure I was comfortable throughout the session. 
I scheduled a follow up for next week if my baby doesn't make her debut.  Looking forward to my next massage.

Sandra E 




Fellow pregnant women of America I highly recommend coming here for pregnancy relief! I now know why this place has 5 stars! Best prenatal massage ever and I am on my second kid so I have had a few. They have 3 locations which is awesome and gives more options on appointment times. I learned about placenta encapsulation services they offer and intend to try it out especially since the price sounds like a deal for 250 dollars. You can catch them on groupon for a massage deal but I don't know for how long because their massages sold out quick. Their website does have a first time customer deal for massage too. The prices are great since they are such a condensed number of people but they are very organized. 

 Cassie S.




Joanna at Rebirth Maya has been an angel ever since I first started using her services a long time ago. Her extensive knowledge/education and passion for all aspects of holistic health and wellness just blows my mind. She specializes in feminine health and has so much to offer that is way more than your typical massage therapist. Some of my favorites are cupping that consists of heated glass suction cups that she maneuvers all over my back sort of massaging with them, then there are hot stones that are also amazing and simply take your average massage to the next level. I have always suffered with back pain after getting into car accidents as a child and she's given me complete healing and relief from any and all my physical ailments. Beyond massage, Joanna specializes in feminine holistic health and wellness and makes every individual their own homemade concoction of extremely powerful and potent healing herbs to heal any physical issue you might be struggling with. Vaginal steam bath is something i never would have considered but Joanna really knows how to assist our bodies in achieving ultimate health and wellness. The steam bath helps to combat hormonal imbalances, infertility and infections while detoxing at the same time. I would highly recommend it. I had no idea that a woman's uterus could be imbalanced and out of its proper place which causes many women that are completely unaware of the issue to suffer from such a long list of ailments and Joanna can help massage it back into place!!! This woman is a fully licensed and certified doula that does pre-natal as well as post-natal massages long with post-natal abdominal wrapping that helps your body to recover and go back down into the the proper place after giving birth! She also offers placenta encapsulation services as well as tinctures for those women like me that want to do what's best for your body by consuming your placenta after giving birth but might be a bit squeamish about just eating the whole thing raw. Joanna will cater to whatever it is that your heart desires in regards to your birth plan and makes sure to more than satisfy your personal needs, whatever they might be because she is an outstanding woman that is passionate about helping and educating anyone and everyone she encounters. Ultimately, making this world a better place! If only we could have more people that are as passionate about helping others achieve ultimate health and wellness!!! I am currently six months pregnant and looking forward to continuing to use her services throughout my pregnancy and after birth as well!!!! I would highly recommend any and everyone give her at least one shot to help you achieve your health and wellness goals, I promise you will not regret it!!!!!!

Raquel R. 

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