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Pelvic Steaming for
Labor Preparation

This holistic approach to labor preparation involves using the ancient practice of vaginal steaming. Sitting over a very mildly steaming pot of water infused with herbs can help increase circulation, moisturize, and soften the cervix, thus preparing the body for labor. The practice of yoni steaming can help balance hormones, increase circulation to the pelvic area, lubricate, and encourage the onset of labor.

The steam is warm, but mild enough that if a newborn were introduced to it, it would be gentle and relaxing on their skin. 

How does Yoni steaming help with encouraging and preparing the body for labor? 


- relaxes and softens the cervix 

- relaxes the entire pelvic floor

- increases circulation in the pelvic bowl

- brings moisture to the area

- the herbs used relieve dryness and increase lubrication as well

- the aromatherapy from the herbs helps stimulate labor

- our herbal blend is rich in vitamins that help with skin elasticity

Which herbs are used to steam?

Our herbal blends are custom made by certified herbalist. We have been offering yoni steams in San Diego since 2011. The herbal blend will depend on your week of pregnancy and needs. An intake is required to see if you are a good candidate for vaginal a steaming for labor preparation. We use gentle herbs such as basil, chamomile, rose and sage to name a few. 

When can I start yoni steaming for labor readiness? 

Typically, in a healthy low risk pregnancy, you can start steaming at 38.5 weeks. 

Will I go into labor after one steam? 

Nothing can guarantee labor induction, not even medical interventions. However, the pelvic steaming will relax your pelvic floor and soften the cervix, preparing the body for labor. 

How many vaginal steams should I do to prepare for labor? 

We will make a recommendation based on your individual health history and needs. Please fill out your intake on the booking page for our consultation. Typically steaming a few times, a week before the estimated due date is a good in a low-risk healthy pregnancy. 

How to book

-Book as an add-on to your labor prep massage

-Book as a standalone treatment




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