Testimonials for Placenta Consumption Postnatal 



"Having really struggled with nursing for my first two children, I am finally getting to enjoy the experience of an adequate milk supply and overall great nursing experience.  The ONLY difference with my third child was the placenta encapsulation.  I definitely and highly recommend it!"

-Josie M.





"I have been so pleased with the placenta encapsulation.  I decided to do it because of my struggle with post-partum anxiety after the birth of my daughter.  In the weeks following this birth I felt so much lighter and had no baby blues this time.  My milk supply was tremendous, which was an added bonus.  When I went back to work after 12 weeks, I took the pills again and had a smooth transition.  I still missed him and wished I were home with him, but I wasn’t crying at my desk or bawling all night thinking I didn’t want to leave him like I did with my daughter.  I feel the placenta encapsulation was key to feeling better this time."

-Katharine L.




"I did not have my placenta encapsulated with my first 2 children, and didn't give it a try until my 3rd was born. Postpartum recovery was practically non-existent for me this time around, and although it's anecdotal, I contribute that at least in part to the placenta capsules. I had very little/light bleeding (only needed a pantyliner vs. numerous large pads) which subsided by 4 weeks, no real breakdown/weepy days, and pretty much felt "normal" almost right away (beside the usual newborn-induced tiredness, lol). Now, of course I realize/acknowledge that every mom, every baby, and every birth experience is different, and especially beyond the 1st child, both labor/delivery and recovery tend to usually get a bit easier, but I still believe that my placenta capsules played a role. I felt more hormonally/emotionally stable this time around, and although the transition from 2 to 3 kids felt overwhelming at times, like I said, I really didn't have any breakdowns, whereas with my others, I had plenty of weepy/emotional days/moments." - Sarah H. 




"I feel the capsules helped me a lot! I never felt extremely worn out or unable to do what needed to be done after my son was born. There were a couple days before I got the capsules where I felt sluggish and overwhelmed, but once I took the capsules I didn't feel any of that. I feel as though the capsules helped give me my energy and motivation back when I was feeling a bit over worked.
Thank you so much, Joanna, for your help! It really is a great thing that you do, and I'd love to do anything I can to promote encapsulation!" -

- Kathy M.



"Thank you so very much for my placenta capsules Joanna!  After suffering from post-natal anxiety with my daughter I was keen to try and avoid it happening again so thought I would give placenta encapsulation a try.  Let me just say I have felt much happier and more balanced this time around.  I really believe taking the capsules has helped.  I've had loads more energy and feel like I've bounced back faster after the birth too."

-Tina P.




"My recovery has been amazing and I really feel that is due in part to the placenta capsules. Recovering from my last birth 2 years ago was hard physically, mentally and emotionally. This time has been dramatically different. The physical healing was quicker (last time it was months before I felt well, this time it was a couple weeks). I have been so much more stable emotionally, which has been the most significant and important difference for both myself and my family. I highly recommend this service!"

- Emily H.



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