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La Jolla Fertility & Prenatal Massage 

We serve La Jolla clients at our North Park location Wednesday -Sunday



Enhance Fertility Naturally 


Becoming pregnant isn’t always easy for couples who face infertility issues or other problems you may or may not even be aware of.  At Rebirth, we cater to those in the La Jolla area who need support to ensure visits with IVF or IUI fertility specialists or doctors are more successful, and provide a natural approach to conception. Perhaps you have experienced a miscarriage in the past, fibroids, or you have a medical condition such as endometriosis or AMA, advanced maternal age.

Regardless of your situation, we believe in holistic fertility and have helped countless clients achieve their dream of having a family through nutrition, improved physical and emotional well-being, fertility massage, herbal vaginal steam baths, and traditional medicines. We understand that many people feel their dream of having a child may seem out of reach or even impossible.  While there isn’t a “one size fits all solution to every fertility issue, in most cases focusing on overall health and lifestyle while addressing any nutrition or medical issues using holistic methods is effective. Some benefit from womb fertility massage, vaginal steam baths along with diet change, herbs/supplements, stress reduction, and other measures effective when concerned about fertility problems. 

Every person is unique. A healthy pregnancy can only be achieved through proper diet, physical activity, a positive mindset, and good overall health.  At Rebirth our primary focus is helping those with fertility issues finally reach their goal of becoming a parent through customized solutions that are natural and holistic in nature.  If you have been disappointed with IVF or IUI doctors and treatment, our natural fertility solutions can help make these treatments turn around in a positive direction.  

Heal Uterus Naturally  

Whether you are wanting to learn more about natural ways to care for your womb or are trying to heal from painful periods, endometriosis, fibriods,  irregular cycles or pelvic pain We can help.  Womb massage in conjunction with vsteams increase healing circulation and use medicinal herbs to target your specific issue. We also offer consultations for herbal support. 

Enjoyable Pregnancy & Postpartum Experience


Pregnancy  can be the most exciting and beautiful time in a woman's life. At Rebirth we have certified prenatal massage therapist that offer science based, safe and effective prenatal massage. We love to pamper pregnant mamas with a full spa menu including treatments like a Pregnancy Glow Scrub  & Massage, Face Rejuvenation treatment, safe Aroma Therapy for pregnancy and a Relaxation Prenatal Massage. We also offer more therapeutic body work for pregnant women seeking to relieve common pains such as low back pain,  leg cramps, sciatica, pregnancy insomnia, swollen legs and prenatal carpel tunnel. We help pregnant women prepare the body for labor and birth with our Maya Pregnancy Massage and Labor Preparation Massage.

Once mama is postpartum we offer so many holistic healing modalities to heal speed recover postpartum. We offer Yoni Steam Baths for postpartum, Maya Abdominal Postpartum Womb Massage, Postpartum Massage, Belly Binding and also more pampering treatments like the Face Rejuvenation Treatment. The importance of taking care of your body postpartum is highly under rated. All these treatments combine to help prevent the baby blues, increases oxytocin, improve digestion, center and heal the uterus, improve overall mental wellness, encourage restful sleep and reduce anxiety. Women often say they feel reborn and rejuvenated after our postpartum treatments. We invite those in La Jolla and surrounding areas to contact Rebirth at 619-448-9115 for more information. 

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