Holistic Postnatal In Home Healing

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We want to support you through your journey and acknowledge this important transition in your life. Traditionally we bring healing warmth into your body, grounding your spirit and emotions supporting a recovery that cares for all aspects of you. These traditional healing practices are a part of our ancestral lineage that we want to continue to honor and provide for those birthing in our community. Xochitl will nurture and care for you as you heal, holding space and honoring you.


Benefits of Post Natal Support

  • Vaginal/Yoni herbal steam baths to help promote healing of tissues, cleansing and balancing with healing herbs.

  • Professional full body massage, with handmade warming herbal oils, healing hot stones and grounding aromatherapy.

  • Supporting emotional well being by increasing oxytocin to help with bonding and prevent baby blues

  • Bringing comfort to strained muscles that occur during labor and breast/chest feeding

  • Gentle manual lymphatic massage  to reduce swelling, move excess fluid (from IV), aid in healing and promote milk let down

  • Abdominal focus to help center and lift uterus and other organs, cleanse the uterus, encourage healing of diastasis recti, toning skin and muscle

  • Traditional Energetic Rebozo Closing/Sealing with 7 rebozos bringing your spirit  back into your body, energetically sealing the spiritual opening during birth.

  • Bandage belly binding in early postnatal ( week 1-2) to provide abdominal support, safe for cesarian birth. Encouraging abdominal muscles to regrow closer together, promoting your organs to reposition themselves, aiding your core and posture with a sense of support and firmness.

  • Malaysian bengkung belly binding later postnatal (week 2-3) to provide firmer support (cesarian birth 3 months later)

  • Discussion of nutrition and traditional importance of warming foods to aid in recovery and support for lactation


Belly Binding Combo Package (2 visits) $190

1st visit within 3 days post natal Elastic binding wrap

3 additional elastic binding wraps for use for 2 weeks

2nd visit,  2-3 weeks postnatal in home bengkung wrap with  instruction  (3 months for cesarian birth)

4oz warming belly oil

Additional Follow ups $45


Post Natal Sealing (2 visits) $350

1st visit within 3 days post-natal: (~2-3hr visit)

1hr PostNatal professional massage with warm stones, aromatherapy

Bandage belly binding with 3 additional wraps provided

Rebozo sealing

4oz warming belly binding oil


2nd visit (2-3 weeks post-natal) (~2hr visit)

Vaginal/Yoni steam

30 min PostNatal Professional massage, warm stones, aromatherapy (additional $30 for full 1hr)

Bengkung belly binding (3rd visit, at 3 months for cesarian birth)

Self-care womb massage instruction


Additional follow ups $45


Energetic Support for Bereavement, Abortion, or Trauma (2-3hr session) $100

Traditional Mexican Spiritual Cleansing/ Limpia with fresh herbs and smudging with copal incense or other dried herbs

Vaginal/Yoni Steam Session or Herbal Sitz Bath for energetic and physical healing, cleansing

Rebozo closing and spiritual re-gathering of your spirit

(Optional) belly binding, to encourage a sense of security ($45)

(Optional) Nurturing professional 1 hour massage with warmed Mexican obsidian, jade, quartz, essential oils (+$85)

Flower essence for recovery and healing

Additional follow ups-$45

Individual InHome pricing ---

Pregnancy/Post natal Massage

60min  $ 100

90min $130

Reiki Session $85

60mins w/ optional Mexican obsidian, jade, quartz and other crystals and aromatherapy


Serving Central San Diego. Additional $30 for North County or South Bay.

Current in-office Rebirth clients 20% discount

LGBTQIA inclusive

Bilingual English/Spanish

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